inspired by a list i requested from @lesbian like 8 yrs ago and she didn't even have anything on her walls bc she's an alien, then reminded of by the cool list @sarahgorman put up today
  1. this nice thing
  2. some jewelry i don't wear
  3. this sad print
  4. school spirit
  5. (full effect)
  6. propaganda
  7. john singer sargent
  8. sam beckett quote
  9. john singer sargent
  10. the alhambra
  11. (full effect)
  12. this nice thing
  13. these
  14. this carson ellis page from home
  15. pj lynch mayflower book poster
  16. this map of the sebago region in maine where my grandparents had a summer camp
  17. el jaleo by john singer sargent (at the gardner museum)
  18. (full effect)
  19. a boat
  20. this picture from my favorite picture book
  21. a cool poster i got in chicago
  22. some pictures from sam & dave dig a hole and a ripped "harlem jazz day" picture
  23. this nice thing
  24. more john singer sargent
  25. my boy
  26. this nice thing
  27. lunar calendar i keep forgetting to put up
  28. my other boy
  29. now you know
  30. i like when there's a lot to look at
  31. can't afford frames
  32. i'm in a terrible mood bye