1. 25.
    The Avatar tree
    I don't remember this one tbh but my roommate told me I should include it in this list
  2. 24.
    The tree the hobbits hide in
    Too many bugs for me
  3. 23.
    Sandy's treehouse
    It's cute I guess
  4. 22.
    This Ferngully tree
  5. 21.
    The treehouse from Fantastic Mr. Fox
  6. 20.
    Truffula Trees
  7. 19.
    The vines from the spirit wilds that take over Republic City in Korra
    The vines are so grumpy I love them
  8. 18.
  9. 17.
    Grandmother Willow
    Wisdom via tree
  10. 16.
    The tree from A Bug's Life
  11. 15.
    Winnie the Pooh's tree
  12. 14.
    The tree in Lemonade
    this one is actually real but its association w Beyoncé makes it magical
  13. 13.
    Rafiki's tree
  14. 12.
    The yew tree from A Monster Calls
  15. 11.
    The Tree of Time from Korra
  16. 10.
    The Giving Tree
    This one makes me emotional
  17. 9.
    The Waiting for Godot tree
  18. 8.
    The Whomping Willow
    It's complicated but at the end of the day I'm here for it
  19. 7.
    The White Tree of Gondor
  20. 6.
    The Waiting for Elmo tree
    "That's it. I've been sitting here waiting for this play to make some sense...why couldn't we have done Oklahoma??? I understand Oklahoma!!!"
  21. 5.
    The tree Simba turns into a rly hot lion while walking on
    😏 important
  22. 4.
    This qt!!!
  23. 3.
    The Party Tree
    It wouldn't be a list of fictional trees without the Party Tree
  24. 2.
    The Banyan Grove tree in A:tLA and Korra
    !!!!!!! I have an emotional and spiritual attachment to this tree
  25. 1.