1. I can't get out of bed and everything feels pointless and I stayed up til 4 am reading and I slept too late and I was rejected by a boy I don't even know and I want a bagel and I have my period and there's no milk for my damn coffee and it snowed and it's cold and everything is the worst
    please help
  2. Blair's coming to give you cuddles and unconditional love because you're worth it!
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  5. Supportive baby Toby is here for you.
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  7. Our birthdays is in 20 days!!!!
    April 23rd is lit
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  8. Puppies!!!!!!
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  9. 💙
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  10. Otter
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  11. First: it's totally okay to be having one of these days. Beating yourself up over it will only make it worse. Second: I think it's important to get up and shower. Clean your hair under hot but comfy water. Take longer than necessary. third: eat something yummy. Fourth: give yourself a hug from me.
    Fifth: put some blankets in the dryer. Run em for a bit. Take em out. Wrap yourself up like a sushi. Crash on the couch and put on your all time favorite movie. Sixth: if you need to, cry, it'll help. Seventh: take a quick nap. Eighth: give yourself another hug from me. Hugs help. I hope you feel better soon. 💜
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  13. ✨💖✨💖
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  14. Sloths eating!!!!
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  15. Sloth bathing!!!!
    Isn't it precious??? 💙💙💙
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  16. This always makes me smile
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  17. Happy lil' goat buddies!
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  18. robust below wax, automatic aqua, accompany slacks
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  19. I want my hair back, I feel like a twat, what happened to my mop? It went all over my top
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  20. 💕
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  21. In this case, the thing is just being you. That is enough 😊
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  22. You've got this. ❤️
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  23. [UPDATE] Thank you all so much ❤️❤️❤️ went for a walk, made some coffee, making coffee cake, gonna watch force awakens or something. Ilu all & can't believe how many peeps left a kind word here. You guys rock 😍
  24. Hugs!
    Suggested by   @shanaz
  25. I'm late here, but sea otters holding hands always cheer me up !! 😊 feel better 💕
    Suggested by   @megg18