Happy holidays all y'all, thank u for being so amazing. At Xmas you tell people how ya feel about 'em (aka I watched Love Actually w my whole fam last night) so:
  1. @sarahgorman obvi & u know why
  2. @RStrout wise & thoughtful kindred spirit
  3. @shanaz hilarious & wonderful
  4. @lesbian i adore u like no other & i've got yr back babe
  5. @nantea my beautiful soul angel sister wife
  6. @mackenzieo so on point & full of surprises
  7. @jessacosta girl u are fab
  8. @lgw beautiful babe, have a friend crush on you, let's hang at 3 little figs sometime
  9. @dfly genius????
  10. @boygirlparty in awe of your talent
  11. @joemurphy even tho i like u more than u like me
  12. @kellydehoop admire you v v v much funny lady
  13. @drugs have a crush on u
  14. @smirthnut ray of sunshine
  15. @Fitz yr a cutie & funny & interesting to boot
  16. @JennyJLee you are a true gem
  17. @nelle beautiful interesting delight
  18. @aprilkquioh incomparable
  19. @gwcoffey patron saint of list app
  20. @saytrumbo ugh you are so freakin cool and I love yr Terrible Trivium tattoo w all my heart
  21. @michael_circa91 u make me laugh so much omg
  22. @bware427 thank you for finally getting me to read The Sky is Everywhere :)
  23. @olive i aspire to be more like u & u have a fab ass
  24. @estherlimtf I will be your husband
  25. @MayaML I only just learned of you but we are kindred spirits, I'm workin hard on your request
  26. @grumpus learned of you 4 min ago and I'm all in yo
  27. Everyone else on this kickass app