1. I have a very hard time remembering faces but I never really thought anything of it
  2. But unless you are a member of my immediate family or I see you everyday (like, my roommates and coworkers), I can't picture your face when I try to
  3. It's just sort of blurry and I think of the shape of your face and its outline or the way your hair frames it and none of your actual features
  4. For a lot of people I actually just picture their name written out when I think of them
  5. Not handwritten but typed out in like Arial or something
  6. Or I try to remember a photograph of you that I know well. The longer I've known you, the more pictures I call to mind when I'm thinking of you and the more angles I can sort of piece you together with
  7. I just realized maybe this isn't normal??
  8. Like, even for my mom, I first think of the way she looked when I was growing up (i picture her in this old faded pink tshirt she used to wear and jeans with her dark brown hair in a braid down her back) before I remember that it's been like 15 years since she looked like that and her hair is gray now
  9. One time my ex told me my dad had blue eyes and I was like "nah they're brown" but he was totally right??!??!? How can I not even picture my dad's eyes correctly???
  10. I only realized this because I just read this book, Bone Gap, and one of the characters is face blind and when they described it I was like...wait that's sort of what it's like for me??? Is that not normal?
  11. "To the Google," I said to myself
  12. Actual face blindness is called prosopagnosia, which is when you can't recognize the faces of familiar people
  13. That is not what I have
  14. But there's another kind called prosopamnesia, which is when you need to be repeatedly exposed to a face to be able to remember/recognize it
  15. Like it's not extreme but this is definitely what I struggle with to an extent
  16. I'm not really sure
  17. I don't have a hard time recognizing people when I come across them IRL
  18. It's just when I'm thinking about them, I can't recall their faces!
  19. Does anyone know anything about this??