I don't get it??? and if you're talking 2 me about these chances are I'm nodding and thinking about Captain America
  1. Cross fit
  2. Open relationships
  3. The stock market
  4. Foie gras
    Something to do with ducks?
  5. Football
  6. People who watch football
  7. Fantasy football
  8. Football players not getting in trouble for their rampant domestic abuse and violence???
  9. Credit scores
  10. EDM
  11. Gel manicures
  12. Servers
    Like, for the Internet? Sometimes they go down? Idk
  13. Spinning / elliptical / Zumba
    Any exercise tbh
  14. Super PACs
  15. Benghazi
    @sarahgorman gets cred for this one. But really what is this all about??
  16. Scotch vs whiskey ? Sometimes the word 'rye' is in there?
  17. Contouring
    What is this
  18. Balayage
    It's a hair thing? Sounds like belaying but I'm p sure that has to do w rock climbing
  19. Economics
  20. Boxing Day
  21. People who won't use gender-neutral pronouns bc they're "grammatically incorrect"
    Excuse me but yr internal copyeditor is not more important than someone's identity
  22. People I know IRL who won't follow me back on instagram
    Seriously what is yr problem
  23. Reddit
    There is so much of it?
  24. Peonies
  25. Vinegar
  26. BPA-free water bottles