Bella Hadid: 19 year old human girl model from LA? Or ALIEN???? Let's discuss.
  1. I spy a hair out of place | +5 human
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  2. I've seen Men in Black enough times to know how stylish extraterrestrials can sometimes be | +3 alien
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  3. That's a pretty UNEARTHLY stretch | +2 alien
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  4. I'm pretty sure aliens are allergic to trees?? | +4 human
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  5. Would a real human look this bomb in this outfit?? Doubtful | +5 alien
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  6. Red leather pants like the RED PLANET amirite? | +3 alien
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  7. Aliens hate lace | +3 human
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  8. She says it's her mother but it could just be her ALIEN COVER | +5 alien
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  9. Even though I've never seen lips that perfect this feels pretty real to me | +5 human
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  10. Those cheekbones are out of this world??? | +5 alien
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  11. There's some kinda life in those eyes but it sure as hell ain't human | +5 alien
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  12. I heard a rumor that aliens melt on contact with Kylie | +5 human
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    But is Kylie an alien too???? The plot thickens
  13. JUST +10 ALIEN
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  14. I spy side boob | +3 human
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    But damn if that's not the sexiest side boob I ever did see
  15. Hair's a little rough and tumble but only a creature from another world could wear this many sequins and still look like she might kill you | + 4 alien
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  16. If you look v closely you can see a vein on her hand? | +3 human
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  17. She is trying to play with her hair like a citizen of earth but I'm not buying it | +4 alien
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  18. Idk, something about that nearly perfect jawline screams "I'm vaguely real" to me | +5 human
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  19. That gaze tho | +3 alien
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  20. Earth vibe strong here | +5 human
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  21. Ummmmm do you see this??? | +5 alien
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  22. Final count: Human 38; Alien 54
  23. That settles it
  25. Consider yourself warned!!!