Written w @lesbian as a grammatical influence
  1. I knew you were in love w me but I don't think you knew that was my first kiss ???? Sry for freaking out and never talking to you again and breaking yr heart, I was super bad at boys before
  2. This sentence has been written in memory of the one time I played spin the bottle & it kept landing on me??? And I kissed everyone in the room?? Except the one boy I actually wanted to kiss???? RUDE
  3. There are only so many times a cool girl can tell you how badly she wants to bang you before you cave & make out w her (even if she is dating yr shady friend???????)
  4. Lol @ how it took u til 4 am that first night to kiss me but somehow ya wore me down & I dated u for three years? Have never liked kissing anyone as much as I liked kissing you
  5. The kiss I didn't get during spin the bottle, like three fucking years too late but I still plan on marrying you???
  6. Kissing you was like kissing a warm boring statue & sex was so fucking boring & I'm baffled at how it took me 6 months to work up the nerve to ask u out????????
  7. Yo this was the best first kiss I ever had with a guy and omg I wanted to bang you immediately and was tingly the whole walk home but then you were boring and how hard you tried was a turnoff, sry, v glad we never sealed the deal (euphemism 😏)
  8. Still can't get over how hot you are PSA this is the infamous hot dude and I saw him at a cafe 3 days ago and he told me he was having a terrible dark day but seeing my face brightened it??????? Not enough real words lmao