1. Stopped sleeping w my ex
    Probably my best achievement tbh
  2. Watched Korra
    She changed my life and there are few things more important to me
  3. Cut my hair
    This one is honestly so huge and I felt like a brand new person and maybe it is cliche but this changed my life
  4. (me before)
    Hi this is me & my friend dan! I had very long hair for a very long time and now it is gone and I DO NOT MISS IT
  5. (me now)
    Hi this is just me!
  6. Spent most of February, March, and April by my sister's side
    She's been having a rough time. She went through a really horrible divorce this past year and it triggered a really awful bipolar episode. She hadn't had one in about ten years and I was much younger then so I didn't know what to expect. She's 9 years older. I came home nearly every weekend of these months and held her hand and tried to help but truthfully I felt like there was nothing I could do. This was one of the worst, scariest experiences of my life. Not great, but really defined 2015.
  7. Became confident af
    I attribute this to the hair. Asked out three boys!! went on dates with all three boys!! Two of them were v boring. The other one is too hot to be real. Sometimes I have sleepovers w him still but he's not for me. His face thoooo
  8. Started reading comics
    Ugh quality of life skyrocketed
  9. Ended a toxic friendship
    About fucking time and I miss her and it hurts but god I did not need that in my life
  10. Went to BEA & BookCon for the first time for work and it was dooooooope
    This is the suitcase full of galleys I took home are u jealous or what
  11. Got to watch my cousin's lil babe get bigger and she is the cutest babe of all time sry but she is
  12. Made some really wonderful new friends!!!
    Most of my close friends are not in my city (Boston) which sucks but having amazing new folks makes it better
  13. Started a new job at work
    I lied, this is really my best achievement. I started copywriting so I read our books and then write a descriptive paragraph type thing for them and come up with a tagline and since they're kids books it's the most fun and I love writing and ahhhh I love my job 😍
  14. Was Captain America for Halloween
    Hella cute or what
  15. Went to Chicago
    My bro and his wife just moved here! I spent thanksgiving with them and it's the shit. Saw some of my closest friends as well (like @sarahgorman finally!!)
  16. Omg I almost forgot fucking HAMILTON
  17. This list is a lotta self love but tbqh it was a rough coupla years there and things are just so much better for me now and I am SO HAPPY and I am killin it and I am proud of myself 💪🏼 PLUS...
  18. I am 60 books done w my 2015 Goodreads challenge of 65 books!!!!!!!!!!