Honestly what's the holdup
  1. I have a dimple which I'm p sure means a fairy kissed me when I was a babe
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  2. I'm a ghost
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  3. My face is super asymmetrical so you don't needa worry abt me leaving u to be a mascara model
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  4. I have nice hair
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  5. My best friend is a one-and-a-half-year old and she's got my back
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  6. I might have kissed one of these boys once can u guess which
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  7. One time I did a cool eyeliner thing and there's photographic proof but it never happened again bc I don't understand makeup and I'm super bad at it
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  8. I was a super cute kid
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  9. And I still rock styles from when I was 2
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  10. One time I walked in these clothes my friend Grace made and i fucking slayed
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  11. I went to a gala once so I know how to talk to girls at parties
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  12. My summer style is to look as much like a 9 year old tomboy as possible
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  13. I have nice shoulders??
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  14. I'll take your nemesis out w my death glare
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  15. I will never love you as much as I love Korra
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  16. Good at staring contests
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  17. Take a number folks