@joemurphy forgot some
  1. Steve Zissou vs the Jaguar Shark (The Life Aquatic)
    Reason for Rivalry: Jaguar Shark ate Steve's partner, Esteban. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: a shark's gotta eat
  2. Stassi vs Scheana (Vanderpump Rules)
    Reason for rivalry: both are terrible humans. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Stassi for life, she has the best insults I have ever heard in my life. Scheana is terrible but sneaky about it and won't own up. Stassi will rip you a new one right to your face.
  3. Ron Swanson vs the Government (Parks & Rec)
    Reason for rivalry: libertarianism. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Swan Song all the way
  4. Gandalf vs Saruman (Lord of the Rings)
    Reason for rivalry: taste in fashion and good/evil leanings. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Gandalf all the way forever, Saruman is a wimp and he can't even keep his robes white smh
  5. Sirius Black vs Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
    Reason for rivalry: Classic popular kids vs dweebs scenario. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: I'm a Sirius Black fangirl and Snape is a piece of shit
    Reason for rivalry: power. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Team Selina all the way
  7. Batman vs the Joker (Dark Knight)
    Reason for rivalry: idk but they're both insane. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Heath Ledger (may his beautiful soul rest in peace)
  8. Captain America vs the Winter Soldier (Cap 2)
    I just have a lot of feelings about this one okay and they won't all fit here
  9. Leslie Knope vs Councilman Jamm (Parks & Rec)
    Reason for rivalry: Councilman Jamm is the worst. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: I repeat, Councilman Jamm is the worst
  10. Jorah Mormont vs Daario Naharis (Game of Thrones)
    Reason for rivalry: in love with the same babe. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: both of them suck tho I do like that one scene where Daario is leaving Dany's room and is like "she's in a good mood"
  11. Anna vs Summer (The OC)
    Reason for rivalry: Seth Cohen, ideal mate. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Summer obvi, Anna needs to stop getting in the way of true love EXCUSE YOU
  12. Jax vs the Truth (Vanderpump Rules)
    Reason for rivalry: Jax is a pathological liar???? 💀💀💀 Who I side with: the truth, yo
  13. Klaus vs literally everyone (Vampire Diaries)
    Reason for rivalry: vampirism? 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Klaus is the hottest piece of ass on a show full of beautiful people and I'm a sucker for a pretty face. Plus he gives zero fucks about anything except sometimes his fam and I respect that
  14. Inigo Montoya vs the Six-Fingered Man (The Princess Bride)
    Reason for rivalry: Six-Fingered Man killed Inigo's father (prepare to die). 💀💀💀 Who I side with: is this even a question
  15. Dean vs Jess (Gilmore Girls)
    Reason for rivalry: Rory Gilmore. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Dean is a pretty perfect boyfriend but like, Jess!!!! There's absolutely no comparison
  16. Time Lords vs Daleks (Doctor Who)
    Reason for rivalry: enemies forever? unclear. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: the Doctor
  17. Korra vs Zaheer (Avatar: Legend of Korra)
    Reason for rivalry: the Red Lotus wants to end the Avatar cycle by killing Korra in her Avatar state. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Korra, obviously, though Zaheer is an INCREDIBLE villain and the battle they have is epic af
  18. Michael vs Rafael (Jane the Virgin)
    Reason for rivalry: Jane's affections. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Team Michael...neither are perfect but Rafael doesn't do it for me
  19. Olivia vs the producers of the Bachelor (The Bachelor)
    Reason for rivalry: she's definitely kinda nutty but they gave her the hardcore Villain Edit. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: all the girls who are like "wtf Olivia," especially Emily when she was like "if Olivia is Ben's type...I don't think Ben is MY type"
  20. Zuko vs Azula (Avatar: the Last Airbender)
    Reason for rivalry: power, father's affections, Azula is a raging bloodthirsty bitch. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Zuko 5ev
  21. Kylo Ren vs various inanimate objects (Star Wars)
    Reason for rivalry: frequent tantrums, emotional instability. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: BB-8
  22. Kristen vs Ariana (Vanderpump Rules)
    Reason for rivalry: Tom Sandoval. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: I'm pretty sure Ariana is the only sane person on this show
  23. Buffy vs Faith (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
    Reason for rivalry: both Slayers, very different. 💀💀💀 Who I side with: Buffy for sure tho I feel for Faith