1. This cool af lady and the colors of this photo
  2. Moon related things
  3. Jillian Tamaki's comics
  4. This color + nautical shit
  5. This pretty door
  6. Twilight Zone
  7. Bee related things
  8. So cool
  9. Trees (any & all)
  10. A picture I took at my favorite lighthouse
  11. Edward Hopper
  12. Charlie Brown
  13. Such a good shot
  14. This sad stone tree king
  15. Cate Blanchett
  16. This spread in Journey by Aaron Becker
  17. Fave outfit on someone that's not me
  18. These ladies selling flowers / colors in this photo
  19. Anything Jim Henson ever did
  20. This Edvard Munch sketch which I believe is called "Consolation" and which makes me feel a lot of things
  21. Lauren Bacall
  22. The ocean always
  23. I don't know what this place is but it reminds me of the Alhambra
  24. Abandoned shit
  25. This beautiful wall I saw in Chicago
  26. This painting which I don't know the title or artist of
  27. Steve Rogers in Cap 2
  28. This vaguely ominous picture I took of some buses in Cambridge
  29. Variant cover of the first issue of the Wicked and the Divine
  30. This cool building I found in Somerville last week while taking pictures for my door insta
  31. These tiles
  32. My danskos and some leaves
  33. This cool rocky miniature inlet thing I saw at Wingaersheek Beach
  34. This portrait of my grandma
  35. Bogey & Bacall
  36. My friend Andrew's hammocks in the Berkshires
  37. Some very nice whales
  38. This color again but this time in flower form
  39. Last leaves of autumn
  40. Dr. Woo's fine line tattoo style