1. This cool af lady and the colors of this photo
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  2. Moon related things
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  3. Jillian Tamaki's comics
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  4. This color + nautical shit
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  5. This pretty door
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  6. Twilight Zone
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  7. Bee related things
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  8. So cool
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  9. Trees (any & all)
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  10. A picture I took at my favorite lighthouse
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  11. Edward Hopper
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  12. Charlie Brown
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  13. Such a good shot
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  14. This sad stone tree king
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  15. Cate Blanchett
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  16. This spread in Journey by Aaron Becker
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  17. Fave outfit on someone that's not me
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  18. These ladies selling flowers / colors in this photo
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  19. Anything Jim Henson ever did
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  20. This Edvard Munch sketch which I believe is called "Consolation" and which makes me feel a lot of things
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  21. Lauren Bacall
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  22. The ocean always
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  23. I don't know what this place is but it reminds me of the Alhambra
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  24. Abandoned shit
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  25. This beautiful wall I saw in Chicago
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  26. This painting which I don't know the title or artist of
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  27. Steve Rogers in Cap 2
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  28. This vaguely ominous picture I took of some buses in Cambridge
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  29. Variant cover of the first issue of the Wicked and the Divine
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  30. This cool building I found in Somerville last week while taking pictures for my door insta
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  31. These tiles
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  32. My danskos and some leaves
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  33. This cool rocky miniature inlet thing I saw at Wingaersheek Beach
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  34. This portrait of my grandma
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  35. Bogey & Bacall
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  36. My friend Andrew's hammocks in the Berkshires
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  37. Some very nice whales
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  38. This color again but this time in flower form
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  39. Last leaves of autumn
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  40. Dr. Woo's fine line tattoo style
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