1. My List
  2. Continue Watching for Christine
  3. TV Shows Featuring a Strong Female Lead
    Get it, Buffy
  4. Recently Added
  5. Because you watched Marvel's Agents of Shield
    Found the Flash via this one
  6. Top Picks for Christine
  7. Because you watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  8. Trending Now
    Always interesting to me
  9. Comic Book and Superhero Movies
  10. Teen Comedies
    One of the best imo
  11. Feel-good Comedies
  12. Netflix Originals
    Chock full o' great content
  13. TV Sci-Fi & Fantasy
    This one had this show (maybe) called "lost girl" about a succubus that was terrible. I want those 45 min back, netflix
  14. Quirky Romance
  15. Oscar-winning Visually Striking Movies
  16. Cerebral Suspenseful TV Dramas
    I like the name of this category but I never watch anything from it
  17. Science & Nature TV Shows
    Planet Earth 4ev
  18. Children & Family Movies
  19. Feel-good Opposites Attract Movies
    Love to feel good
  20. Inspiring Documentaries
  21. Mind-bending Movies
  22. Classic Movies
  23. Courtroom Dramas
    Sucker for a good courtroom drama
  24. Gritty TV Shows
  25. Dramas Based on Real Life
  26. Deep Sea Horror Movies
  27. Steamy Romantic Movies
  28. Gangster Movies
  29. Psychological Thrillers
  30. British TV Shows
    Always think I love these more than I really do
  31. Award Winners
  32. Dysfunctional Family TV Dramas
  33. Emotional Drug Documentaries
    Too much for me tbh
  34. New Releases
    Nothing in this ever seems new???
  35. More Like Arrested Development
    THIS is a LIE. Nothing is like Arrested Development.
  36. Violent Foreign Sci-Fi and Fantasy
    This is a category???