For some reason these things all seem to surprise ppl when they find them out? You can't put me in a box bye
  1. My tattoos
  2. I don't understand vegans
  3. I have a lot of nemeses. They're pretty one-sided and a person doesn't usually know when they're my nemesis. I live large okay
  4. Super into reality tv rn
  5. I can't wait to have kids. Not in a rush but it's the only thing I've always known I for sure wanna do
  6. Not an animal person. Like I can appreciate the cuteness of an animal but I don't want to hold it or smell it or be near it at all tbh. Cats are chill tho
  7. I think you should try everything once. except maybe not cocaine or heroin
  8. I trained my body out of its caffeine allergy HA
  9. I don't sleep
  10. I don't really like drinking alcohol at all
  11. I love Kim Kardashian & the Kardashian crew in general
  12. I'm not actually a huge bitch I just get self conscious about wearing my glasses in public so I don't recognize people ever
  13. I don't really understand my sexuality yet but currently understand myself to be heterosexual & biromantic. I guess this doesn't technically surprise anyone since I've never actually told anyone this
  14. I am equally confident about reciting long sections of LotR from memory and rapping along to J5