Nayyirah Waheed is my favorite poet right now. Each of her poems is like a small drink of water that refreshes you as if you'll never feel thirst again. I'm constantly astounded by how much she says in so few words: her small poems are the perfect length to roll around in your mind all day. Unforgettable. Follow her on Insta for a daily dose 🌝
  1. Immediate
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  2. right?
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  3. This is true for me. Is it true for you?
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  4. On strength
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  5. On sorrow
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  6. Thunder & rain
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  7. On loneliness
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  8. No needs to have your back but you
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  9. After
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  10. Walking in & out of our lives
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  11. Don't forget
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  12. Embrace it. Explode.
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  13. Haven't you done this?
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  14. On beauty
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  15. It's not you
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  16. One does not need the other
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  17. Wild, beautiful
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  18. On self
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  19. It ebbs, it flows
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  20. There is no easy way
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  21. Breathe
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  22. I know these words
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  23. Multitude
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  24. On being born
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  25. I think all women know this
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  26. On self love
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  27. On patience
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  28. Skin
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  29. On strength
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  30. 'No' is the most freeing word in the English language
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  31. The world breaks everyone
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  32. On the past. On roots.
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  33. On origin
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  34. Change
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  35. Like recognizing an old friend
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  36. On time
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  37. I am original, I am inimitable
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  38. On growth
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  39. I hope her words are a balm for your soul as they are for mine.