Here's lookin at you, G.O.B.
  1. Topanga Lawrence, Boy Meets World
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  2. Tony Soprano, The Sopranos
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    Just an awesome name, especially with the Jersey accent. Totally believable as a mob boss name but not too much.
  3. Daria Morgendorffer, Daria
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    Gr8 name.
  4. Rose Quartz, Steven Universe
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    I love all the names in Steven Universe, especially the gems, but Rose Quartz is the best.
  5. Kelso, That 70s Show
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    So good.
  6. Laura Palmer, Twin Peaks
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    Who killed Laura Palmer? Iconic.
  7. Urkel, Family Matters
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    Did I do that?
  8. Stringer Bell, The Wire
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    Idris Elba makes p much any role iconic, but Stringer Bell is a name that I find particularly sinister in its understatedness.
  9. Omar Little, The Wire
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    bc how many times have you heard the phrase "Omar from The Wire?"
  10. Taco, The League
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    His name is Taco??? Unclear if he has a real name.
  11. Asami Sato, Avatar: Legend of Korra
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    Obsessed w this name and w Asami.
  12. Bellamy Blake, The 100
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    Had never heard the name Bellamy before this show and I think it's so good.
  13. "Chalky" White, Boardwalk Empire
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    Congrats to Michael K. Williams for being so iconic his characters made it on here twice. Chalky is the shit.
  14. Jack Shephard, Lost
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    Good bc of what it conveys. "Jack" aka one of the most regular guy names ever, "Shephard" indicates he is a leader, "Jack Shephard" as a whole equals wow this is the most boring character ever.
  15. Literally everyone on Arrested Development
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    G.O.B., Maeby, George Michael, Buster Bluth, Ann Veal, Tobias Fünke, Bob Loblaw, Barry Zuckerkorn, this show has so many amazing names it's ridiculous
  16. Don Draper, Mad Men
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    Smart, sleek, iconic.
  17. Francis Underwood, House of Cards
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    So sinister!
  18. Buffy Summers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer
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    Wtf kind of name is Buffy I love it.
  19. Screech, Saved by the Bell
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    Made me uncomfortable but had a v memorable name.
  20. Carlton Banks, Fresh Prince of Bel Air
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    Lol, Carlton.
  21. Kelly Kapowski, Saved by the Bell
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    V fun to say.
  22. Kelly Kapoor, The Office
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    Also v enjoyable to say, clearly Kelly K names are 💯
  23. Mr. Feeny, Boy Meets World
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  24. A shit ton of Parks & Rec peeps
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    Mark Brendanawicz, Detlef Schrempf (???!!?!???), Greg Pikitis, Ron Swanson, Jerry Gurgich, Perd Hapley, Jean-Ralphio, Joan Callamezzo, Ethel Beavers, Mona-Lisa, ORIN, Councilman Jamm
  25. Clarissa Darling, Clarissa Explains it All
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    Points also to her bro, Ferguson.
  26. George Costanza, Seinfeld
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    A lot of Seinfeld characters actually...they made their names unforgettable. Elaine, Kramer, Newman...
  27. Chandler Bing, Friends
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    So bad it's good.
  28. Fez, That 70s Show
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    "Foreign Exchange Student"
  29. DJ Tanner, Full House
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    DJ Tanner on that unisex name grind.
  30. Uncle Jesse, Full House
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  31. The Doctor, Doctor Who
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    Can anyone think of a show that's run this long without naming its protagonist? So unique and amazing.
  32. Aang, Avatar: The Last Airbender
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    AANG. It's just so good!
  33. Spock, Star Trek
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  34. Fonzie, Happy Days
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    Arthur "the Fonz" Fonzarelli: so good.
  35. Lorelei & Rory Gilmore, Gilmore Girls
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    Both "Rory" and "Lorelei" are v fun to say. I guess they are okay names. Def have embedded themselves in pop culture.
  36. Patty Mayonnaise, Doug
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  37. Ari Gold, Entourage
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    The name "Ari" is great and he kills it in this show.
  38. Veronica Mars, Veronica Mars
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    She can solve my mysteries any day. This name is so dope. See also: Logan Echolls. And who could forget Max Greenfield in his best pre-Schmidt role, Deputy Leo D'Amato????
  39. Plays With Squirrels, Boy Meets World
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    Lolololllllololol, this one is my fave.