At the 2015 National Poetry Slam, Porsha Olayiwola of House Slam from Boston performed her poem "Rekia Boyd" a week after Rekia was killed by police in Chicago. Porsha's poem is an absolutely necessary reminder that violence against black women goes largely unspoken and unnoticed. Please watch: http://youtu.be/MNP7H6TxO7s
  1. "Last night, no one showed up to march for Rekia Boyd.
  2. Rekia was shot dead in the head by cops in Chicago on Monday. A Cook County judge acquitted police of killing Rekia. Dante Servin, charged of manslaughter, went jailbird free.
  3. Rekia Boyd was a 22 year old unarmed black woman living on the south side of Chicago, and last night, no one showed up to march at her rally.
  4. I guess all the protestors got tied up. I guess all the black folks were busy making signs saying, "stop killing our black boys."
  5. I guess no one hears the howling of a black girl ghost in the nighttime. We stay unheard. Blotted out. Buried. Dead.
  6. Black girls receive tombstones too soon, and never any flowers to dress the grave, so we fight alone.
  7. They will tell you the woes of a black man who got beat by police in the street. Beat by the man at work. Beat by the system at the institution.
  8. But never of the black woman he took his frustration out on. Never of the black girl he stretched into a casket.
  9. They will tell you of the brown boys who get pushed from school through pipeline to prison. But never of the girls who fill the cells. Never of the orange jumpsuits they camouflage into.
  10. 200 black girls go missing in Nigeria and America puts out a hashtag instead of a search party.
  11. No one ever causes a riot. The first black First Lady is being called the "first ape" on all of the media outlets and no one is outraged. There ain't no boycott or nothing.
  12. Down the street a man did a hate speech to a black butch woman and someone gave it a 10. Someone said it was freedom. Poets are still over there cheering.
  13. I guess queer black woman ain't black enough. I guess the movement ain't meant to be a crossroad. I guess we are here for play, for make believe, pretend. Poof!
  14. How magic trick missing must I become? How tight does my noose have to ring? How long does my body need to deteriorate before anyone can smell it rot?
  15. If a black boy gets shot by the cops, isn't that a tragedy? Ain't it the blues? Isn't it a misfortune?
  16. If a black girl gets killed by police and the killer goes free, does anyone notice? Do you still call it a lynching?
  17. Is her rally just a rehearsal? Ain't that why no one ever shows up?"