You guys!! My secret Santa gift came today and I am blown away, I do not even have the words for how perfect and thoughtful this package from @followdaround is. It's a mix of things from Pasadena, CA where she lives and what she thought I'd like. Thank you, Deanna! I feel like you know me better than I know myself.
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    The unboxing!
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    That's me!
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    Lovely note from a lovely person
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    Very attractively wrapped stack of presents!
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    Sea salt caramels from a local sweets shop--they're so good, guys
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    A collection of beautiful photos Deanna has taken around LA and which she printed for me!
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    Look at these, guys! They're amazing! These are going up on my walls post haste
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    V timely--a 2016 calendar of classic Pasadena shots
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    !!!!!!!!!! Y'all I don't think anyone's ever given me such a thoughtful and perfectly personalized gift like this. What a combination of two of my very favorite things--Edward Hopper and picture books. And one wonderful part is that I have heard of this book and been looking for it all year!!!
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    It's beautiful. It's just as good as I hoped it would be and such a worthy tribute to Hopper. It focuses so much on the loneliness and solitude he was so drawn to and which is so apparent in his work and which I have talked about at length here EDWARD HOPPER & LONELINESS, EDWARD HOPPER & SOLITUDE
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    My roommates were all here when I just opened this and they all yelled "Oh my god! That's the perfect gift for you!! How did she know???" And I was like "guys join the List App and you would know how cool these folks are, duh"
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    Thanks of course to @ChrisK for organizing this!!
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    And thank you, thank you, thank you @followdaround from the very bottom of my heart. These gifts are so wonderful and I'm just at a loss of how you knew exactly what to send. Thank you for giving such a perfect meld of parts of you and parts of me--you're the shit 🌞🌞