1. Wow! One elephant sure can hold a lot of liquid.
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  2. That's not an elf...that's my grandmother!
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  3. Oh, no! The babysitter exploded!
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  4. Take those porkchops out of your brassiere!
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  5. Good afternoon, Paco. Welcome to my cheese pit.
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  6. The actor who plays Superdude is very handsome.
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  7. Waitress, would you please stuff your pizza up my nose?
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  8. Your grandfather looks pretty in that wedding dress.
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  9. That's too much sauce for one puppy dog.
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  10. Let go of my grandmother's moustache.
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  11. Oh, no! The macaroni is infected!
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  12. Kiss my elbows and call me pickle butt!
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  13. May I jump up and down on your sausages?
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  14. Please do not squeeze the mush melons.
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  15. I believe that is my golf ball in your belly button!
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  16. Excuse me, why is your elephant Mexican?
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  17. Keep your hands off my chicken nuggets.
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  18. There, now you know French. You're welcome.