I'm a super lucky gal and I can afford everything I really need: rent, utilities, bills, groceries, bus pass. Still I feel most people like to fantasize about what they could buy if they didn't live paycheck to paycheck. I may not make much money but I have a wonderful job that I love so I am quite happy.
  1. Cable
    I just wanna be able to watch Jeopardy every night
  2. Avocados
  3. Paying off my student loans sooner
    My monthly payment is literally just the interest that has accrued since my last monthly payment and the amount I owe never goes down and it is a LOSING BATTLE
  4. Cocktails/going out for drinks
  5. A Vogue subscription
  6. Meat
    I'm basically a vegetarian and it is NOT by choice. I've reluctantly embraced the chickpea.
  7. Ace & Jig clothing
  8. Regular haircuts
  9. Airfare/train fare/bus fare to visit my far-off friends and fam
  10. A nice purse so I can pretend I'm an adult
  11. All the picture books I want
    This is the dream
  12. A nicer apartment/living with fewer than 3 other people
  13. New puzzles bc I keep buying or borrowing used ones and they're all missing pieces
  14. Good set of kitchen knives
    Oh god I actually AM an adult
  15. One of those movie passes that lets you go as many times in a month as you want
    I should actually get this because going to see movies is one of the few treats I allow myself and I probably spend the price of the pass already. Except I don't think they take it at my favorite movie theater.
  16. Seeing Hamilton
  17. My next tattoo