um okay i have been asked to write a list about this boy i just met bc i keep talking about him on twitter & trust me this feels as weird and unreal to me as it will to you?? anyway here is a list of things he has said and done since our first date TWO WEEKS AGO byeeeee
  1. he showed me this amazing cartoon and we watched it all together on our first date and i loved it
  2. he's kind of softspoken and it's so cute???
  3. we walked around the north end and picked a place to go to dinner because we saw a man playing the accordion inside
  4. yesterday he gave me a copy of "salt." by nayyirah waheed because we talked about it last week and i mentioned i've been meaning to get it forever. like??????
  5. he keeps reading me poems in bed???!!!!!!!! byeeee
  6. he has two freckles under his right eye and they're perfect
  7. he doesn't make me feel like a loser for being a nondrinker????
  8. he's very tall!!!!!
  9. he didn't make any kind of move on me our first two dates so i wasn't even sure he was into me and then finally at the end of date 2 i was like UM. CAN I KISS YOU????? and he laughed at me but it was cute whatever bye
  10. his sisters are like his best friends
  11. he's very well read
  12. he's smart and thoughtful and so open minded omg???
  13. he has dimples
  14. we went to a bunch of museums together and he was actually interested in the art???
  15. he knows prisoner of azkaban is the best harry potter book
  16. he has a lot of plants in his house
  17. i lent him my copy of "milk and honey" and he read it the next day and gave it right back to me the next time we hung out !!!!
  18. he has glasses!!?!
  19. i have a huge crush on him jfc
  20. he likes all the same cartoons as me
  21. he's very giggly and i don't know what's so funny but whatever it's cute
  22. he's so nice to kiss????
  23. we were trying to decide between 3 miyazaki movies i hadn't seen before and he went and asked my roommate which one she thought i would like best????!!!!!!!!! byeeeee
  24. after we watched my neighbor totoro we were spooning and he fell asleep and it was perfect????
  25. he told me i have an elegant back?!
  26. he was like "um...does this feel like...different than usual to you?" !!!!!!
  27. he's a pisces
  28. i was just straightforward with him about what i'm feeling and that i think he's great and he's been totally straightforward right back which is so weird and refreshing
  29. he's so kind
  30. the other night we were texting about korra and then he was like "um is it weird to say i wish you were here" !!!!!!
  31. he is very aware of being a white dude & seems pretty adept at acknowledging his privilege
  32. he brought me to a witch shop in salem and laughed at me when i got a bunch of crystals buT ALSO while we were there we talked about what kinds of gems and crystals might show up as characters on steven universe
  33. we drove around yesterday yelling all the words to streetlight manifesto songs i haven't listened to since high school
  34. i already know where he's ticklish??
  35. he has an appropriate respect and appreciation for donuts
  36. we were out getting ice cream cones the other night and ran into this hot evil dude i used to hook up with and i wanted to die i was so uncomfortable but he was totally chill about it!!
  37. i showed him my favorite mitski song and then he listened to her albums a bunch on his own
  38. he's a weirdo & a qt
  39. i think he's great and i'm excited about it :)
  40. sorry this list is prob the most obnoxious thing ever
  41. boys usually bore me so i'm not used to these feelings lmao
  42. anyway idk what's happening but i'm smitten af lol
  43. bye