1. What????
  2. Okay so her name is Jupiter that's not a joke?
  3. Is this movie abt astrology
  4. Why is Eddie Redmayne whispering so aggressively
  5. Is that the chick from Super8?
  6. Do u rly expect me to believe Mila Kunis would ever clean toilets for a living??
  7. Is she gonna sell her organs??
  8. Wait is she selling her eggs? That makes more sense
  9. Wait why does her bro get 10k of the 15k from the eggs?? She should get all 15 wtf!
  10. Whoa is that the other chick from Super8??
  11. When did the Silence from Doctor Who get here
  12. Why did he give her a gun as a symbol of trust?
  13. Gravity boots???
  14. Wait what about all of the civilians that are dying?
  15. Did he just say he's part wolf
  16. What is happening
  17. Omg what is Boromir doing here
  18. Bees?????
  19. Bees mean royalty?
  20. V interesting honeycomb structures here. Why?
  21. Did they literally just make a crop circle
  22. How does Mila Kunis get such a good smoky eye?
  23. How does Channing Tatum get such a good smoky eye????
  24. Omg where did that awesome dress come from
  25. What planet is this
  26. What is happening
  27. Why does this fancy dude want to marry his mom?
  28. Too many questions so I am skipping to the end
  29. Is she rly gonna keep cleaning toilets if she owns the earth??