I feel like there should be some kinda statute of limitations for time elapsed between last interaction and 2 AM "hey what's up" texts???? Like I last responded to you a year ago? Can I live?? List App Survey: What's the weirdest/most "are u serious?" instance of this kind of text that you've received? How many years/months later? I'm v curious
  1. I think mine is like 3 years: junior year of college some dude I went to high school with FB chatted me at 4 AM one night asking if I wanted to go out over break and speculating that I would be good at giving BJs.....like ????????
    are u kidding me rn
  2. If it's not obvious I just got one of these texts from a guy I haven't talked to since last March. Yo dude just go to sleep or something ?
  3. Roughly 2 years after the dude I was only kind of dating slept with my best friend, he DM's me on Instagram (literally the only time anyone has ever done this) with a winsome "hey" ...
    Suggested by @tawny
  4. 2 years after breaking up with me, I still get texts about her finding romantic artifacts.......OKAY AND??
    Suggested by @foodnetwork
  5. A guy I dated a couple months freshman yr of college that I ended it with cuz he's ❌😶👀 crazy.... Still calls me every couple of months drunk asking me to "come see him". He's married and has a kid... No thank you sir
    Suggested by @smurf
  6. Sophomore or junior year of college this guy from high school texts me and says that he had the hugest crush on me in highschool....and that he still does 😳
    Like what? It's been 2+years and how do you know if I'm even the same as I was in high school (I wasn't AT ALL). ??????
    Suggested by @brittmaag
  7. I live in a teeny tiny university town, an excellent setting in which to experiment w your sexuality!!! you get to see the dudes you tried something w and were like, "mm nope nevermind" everyday!
    one such sweetheart drunk calls me on the reg - if and only if I have just seen him at the bar and he has failed to acknowledge me. hello sir this passive/aggressive approach is not working, it has been a year and I still do not want to sleep w you!!
    Suggested by @arthritis
  8. February: I text "hey, I'm close by. Wanna get coffee?"
    September: "hey! What's new?" OHHHH, NO YOU DID NOT!!!
    Suggested by @weimsworld
  9. My ex's mom contacted me (not sure if on his behalf or not) three FULL years after we broke up to send me a picture of his nephew and let me know my ex now had his own health insurance 😒😐😑
    Suggested by @nantea