1. Or: Real Actual Lines This Hot Guy I Was Sleeping With Pulled on Me
  2. (A Saga in Texts)
  3. Hey. It's Tyler.
    This how the tale of Hot Tyler begins. Was out one night and saw the most beautiful man I have EVER seen. Like, I felt a biological imperative to speak to him. When I left I went up to him and said "Hi I'm Christine, I just had to tell you that you're a very beautiful human." He said "Thanks, I'm Tyler. You're a very beautiful human too." Then I was like "okay cool that's all I gotta go" and left bc I was on my way to see Inside Out and! he ran out after me! and I gave him my number bc DUH
  4. I like you already.
  5. I like photography.
    Red flag
  6. I want to smell like I'm burning.
  7. It's dangerous being a cute girl.
    Okay but it actually is
  8. I hope to hear from you. I had a great time.
    THEN ON OUR FIRST DATE HE TOLD ME HE HAD A GIRLFRIEND. I was like wtf???! I guess I read this wrong? And he was like no you didn't, I wanted to go out w you and I was like whaaaaaat so this is a friend thing? And he said he's in an "open relationship" (????) and it can be whatever. So I told him I didn't want to just be his friend (it worked on Seth Cohen and it also worked on this dude) and then kissed him on the cheek and he kissed me for real and then I ran home and yelled at my bed.
  9. I want to see you.
    A few days later. I wasn't texting him back and then he posted a picture of me on his Instagram that he'd taken on above date and I was like whaaat and I took the bait bc of his face and also the rest of him
  10. That's how I am.
  11. You and I. Me and you. You.
  12. Hey you
    Who opens with this
  13. Tyler(s)
  14. Alone time is the worst. You always want to be alone but then you're lonely.
    So. Deep!
  15. Want to be bad?
  16. I'm going down swinging.
    After I told him I didn't wanna see him anymore bc I was starting to really like him and felt like shit since he had a girlfriend. When I am sleeping with a boy I actually really like he had better only be sleeping w me.
  17. You are beautiful.
  18. If you don't want to I can leave you alone. Just know its not what I want.
    This is just a dick move like don't act like me telling you I don't wanna see you again is gonna be so hard for you when you have a girlfriend??
  19. I hope it happens again. That'd be nice.
    After I bumped into him a couple weeks later
  20. You shouldn't sleep. It's hard for you. Don't do it.
    After I posted a selfie on insta one night when I couldn't sleep. I'd told him a lot about my sleeping problems
  21. Spanish
  22. I don't expect anything.
    Only ppl who expect things say this!! But it was like a month later and I did miss hanging out with him so then I went and watched a movie with him and then we banged
  23. You smell like angels oughta smell.
    Said to me in bed the morning after above mentioned movie night (???!!!???)
  24. I'm on the west coast til Monday.
    The weekend after I'd started seeing him again. Wanna know who's on the west coast? His girlfriend!!!! Whoaaa so fun
  25. It was real. You look like a dream.
    A few weeks later. Saw him outside a bar the night before and he told me he'd broken up with his girlfriend!! On the west coast vaca I was so mad about, I think. Anyway that's besides the point bc THIS IS THE BEST LINE HE EVER USED ON ME omg I die laughing every time I think abt it
  26. Do I get to see you in it?
  27. Not cheesy. More like smooth.
  28. Let me keep you awake.
  29. You are the cutest captain.
    I was though (Halloween)
  30. I have a present for you. You'll get it when we hang out next.
  31. You're cute.
  32. LOL
  33. Then I slept with him again last week and then I found out he was in Seattle this past weekend with girlfriend. Like did he just straight up lie to me about breaking up with her???? I may no longer be emotionally invested but I do not appreciate being lied to
  34. Ugh
  35. That face though
  36. See ya never
  37. Lol
  38. Ugh