@joemurphy and I want you to stop what you're doing and fucking watch SHIELD already and here are some compelling reasons why:
  1. FitzSimmons
    Not one person! Two people! Science stuff! Witty banter! Unacknowledged love! Very here for them
  2. Skye's new season 3 look
    V about this
  3. Lincoln's face
    Unnggffdgghhggg what, how
  4. Melinda May's makeup and all black everything
    Yes, Ming-Na Wen, yesssssss BRING IT (the Cavalry, takin out dozens of mooks and still lookin fly af)
  5. Melinda May's mighty glare
    How does she say so much without saying anything at all??? We may never know
  6. Jemma's eyebrows
    I don't understand it either but they're perfect
  7. Mack and Fitz
    Best friendship and dynamic on the show. True bro love here and it is so sweet and they just have each other's backs and it is the best
  8. Coulson's dad jokes
    Is there anyone who makes worse jokes than Phil Coulson? Bless his heart, he tries so hard. Do you think he knows? Let's not say anything.
  9. Fitz's stutter
    Fitz calls himself "damaged" after what Ward does and it is heartbreaking to see him try to overcome the changes Ward wrought in him.
  10. ...just everything about Fitz
    Fitz is my favorite he is the best I am here for him all day omg FITZ my heart
  11. PTSD
    Bobbi after Ward. Skye after Ward. FITZ after Ward. Ward fucks people up so badly they remind me of Kilgrave's victims on Jessica Jones. But they don't snap right back to a full recovery. One and a half seasons later, Fitz is still struggling to overcome what Ward did to him. I have ultra respect for this show and how it shows people living with their PTSD. I mean just look at May!!! What happened in Bahrain changed her completely and she fights every day to be strong enough.
  12. Mack and Skye
    They have so much respect for each other and have the kind of camaraderie you only get from heading into battle with someone over and over. They trust each other completely. Plus did you see that fist bump in the last ep? Ugh
  13. Conspiracy theories are fully embraced here
  14. Familiar faces from the Whedonverse
    Sierra from Dollhouse! Shepherd Book! Amy Acker! I love how much they pop up in Marvel shit
  15. Transformation
    Honesty the main theme of this show. People trying to figure out their new selves and learning to move forward after everything changes
  16. Agent Triplett sweet talkin Simmons
    Dead I am DEAD
  17. "Constance Zimmer, what are YOU doing here??" -- a thing I say at some point during EVERY SHOW EVER
    And it is NEVER a problem
  18. Patton Oswalt & his supply of lanyards
    They will be distributed on a case by case basis
  19. Inhumans!!
    V cool Marvel plot line introduced here first!! Ahhhh so many aliens w powers!!
  20. Gadgets & gizmos aplenty
    Do you like high tech spy gear? I like high tech spy gear. Fitz also likes high tech spy gear and is v good at making it
  21. The many faces of Bobbi Morse
    Her undercover game is ON POINT
  22. Moreover, when Bobbi & May are undercover together
    Bobbi is so good at keeping cool under pressure and May just wants to punch everyone
  23. Mack in season 3
    Mack is always the first one to call bullshit. He's not afraid to tell someone when they're outta control or out of line. He's strong and smart and cool and collected and man does it show. He's so subtle about it but he's like the rock of this group.
  24. Also, the dynamic between Mack, Fitz, and Hunter
    Hunter just doesn't get Fitz and you can tell Mack thinks it's hilarious but also kinda sad bc Fitz is so lost sometimes
    This episode though! When she talks to Fitz to keep herself sane & alive!!
  26. Because @joemurphy and I say so and our word is law