Moments I feel deserve greater recognition. aka I ADMIRE U
  1. When Tay made this face backstage when she saw Selena talking to Justin
  2. When Beyoncé said "I want you all to feel the love that's growing inside me" and told the world she was pregnant at the VMAs
    u are everything to me
  3. When JK Rowling tweeted "maybe because gay people just look like...people?" when a girl said she couldn't see Dumbledore that way
    preach, queen
  4. Sexy Sax Man Saxagrams!!!!
    guilty feet ain't got no rhythm
  5. Jay-Z and David letterman during this interview
    "That's a great segue"
  6. That time in a Republican Debate when Sarah Palin was asked about Herman Cain's 999 tax plan and she said "Well, I don't know about that but if you turn 999 upside down it's the devil's number"
  7. When Amy and Tina were Sarah Palin and Katie Couric in that SNL skit and it was amazing
    "I can see Russia from my house"
  8. When Kim Kardashian posted this insta as UNBEKNOWNST TO HER a Twitter war was erupting b/t Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj
    "Imma let u finish but"
  9. Me when I had the great presence of mind to screenshot Kim's insta bc then she edited it!!!
  10. When this white walker did this thing
  11. When Kim and Kanye named their kid North West!!! Actually!!!
    still not over it
  12. When a kid wrote "Gary's face" on a questionnaire that asked him what he didn't like about The Muppet Movie
    lololollll 4ever abt this
  13. When Anderson Cooper defended Bey and said "as far as I am concerned, it is Beyonce's world and we are just living in it."
    you beautiful silver fox
  14. When Kanye and Jay-Z released Watch the Throne
    Pinnacle. Of. Human. Achievement.
  15. When Dumbledore talked to Harry about not wasting away in front of the Mirror of Erised
  16. When some dude on the radio asked Lauren Conrad what her favorite position was (like, in a sex way, guys) and she said "CEO"
    you guys. GOLD.
  17. When Chris Pratt said "Kim Kardashian" in that Parks and Rec blooper about comeback stories
  18. When @rowanblanchard was perfect and was asked about intersectional feminism and spoke so gracefully about a really important subject and taught us how much we all have to learn
  19. When Melissa Lozada-Oliva took on the patriarchy at the National Poetry Slam this year with this incredible slam poem ("Like Totally Whatever") about why women use "like" and "um" and "ya know" so much when we speak
    It is amazing and she is amazing and you need to know who she is
  20. When my mom sent me this text asking if I wanted Bey and Jay tix for my bday
    mom u consistently kill the game
  21. When Jimmy Kimmel made the sketch "Handsome Men's Club"
    "Can I get a show of handsome?"
  22. Every time Matthew McConnaughey said "alright alright alright" but especially this time when he was winning an actual Oscar
    ugh ilu
  23. This time I saw @mindy talking to Atul Gawande about people that hate on her and she said "Yeah...people always say, 'oh, she's so obnoxious, she thinks she's so great.' I don't think I'm so great...I just don't hate myself." and she was a beautiful, poised, incredible queen of my heart
  24. The time Lin Manuel Miranda wrote a hip hop musical about my favorite founding father
  25. The time Sir Ian McKellan wore this shirt