"I'm sensitive, and I'd like to stay that way" -- Jewel
  1. When Harry and Hermione stand in the cemetery in Godric's Hollow
    Also this damn statue
  2. When the gems bring Steven to Rose's garden
  3. The Sunnydale High graduation when the entire class thanks Buffy for saving all their lives at some point or another
  4. When the trio see the mural on Luna's ceiling
  5. Steve and Bucky when they each say "I'm with you til the end of the line"
  6. Pretty much anytime Korra enters the Avatar State
  7. The Breaking of the Fellowship
  8. When Peggy's on the radio with Steve and she says "Just be there"
  9. When Andy stands in the rain in Shawkshank Redemption
    Thomas Newman gets cred for my tears
  10. When Sophie thinks she's dirty inside because she did things with old men and Lying Cat says "LYING"
  11. Most of Atonement
  12. When they forge the shards of Narsil into Anduril
  13. The second half of Room
  14. "My brother, my captain, my king"
  15. Appa's Lost Days
  16. The Prince's Tale through the end of book 7
  17. The Doctor Who episode "Vincent and the Doctor"
  18. The animated short "Bear Story"
  19. The World Was Wide Enough
  20. When Caroline is the only one who's nice to Tyler and his werewolf friends put her in a cage and torture her because she's a vamp and she's like "I was your friend"
  21. When Jojo told Ben she loved him and Ben said it back and her heart stopped and she said "...what?"
    I'm team Lauren B & Ben 4ev but Jojo's face!!!
  22. The Doctor Who episode "Doomsday"
  23. Okay just all the time because whenever anyone in a book or onscreen starts to cry, I start to cry. I'm emotional BYEEEEE