1. I am cheerful, thoughtful
  2. A good listener
  3. I offer advice and worry about those who worry too much about themselves
  4. Instead of worrying about those unable to cherish a moment of self-pity
  5. Or experience the thrill of having someone say
  6. "You'll be just fine."
  7. Time is taken from me, time I used to use formulating theories about the world and wondering if someday I'll know how love feels
  8. And instead my time is spent on things someone else told me was important.
  9. But I guess I'm an adult. My imagination is useless to me now.
  10. My bed echoes this.
  11. And each day I forget the dreamer of a girl with chaotic hair and no makeup.
  12. She is replaced with a girl who swears and drinks rum.
  13. Insomnia promises me, though
  14. That my dreams will never forget her
  15. And it is there that her imagination sings.