Inspired by everyone who is making this list. The 24 hour wait is over
  1. Hi I'm bob
  2. I'm from Florida
  3. I'm a twitch streamer
    I stream off of twitch. My twitch is xxbob92
  4. I think is awesome
    I'm always excited to see a notification pop up. Send me a list request anytime.
  5. I did not go to prom
    I didn't want to go alone so I asked my friends if they were going and I would chill with them. They didn't go so I didn't go. Every prom season I wonder what would of happened if I went to mine.
  6. I'm a big Drake fan
    Drake is awesome
  7. My favorite Drake album
  8. My biggest pet peeve:
    My pet peeve is what Drake says
  9. My favorite quote:
    Because I hate backstabbers
  10. And the moment you all been waiting for.....
  11. A picture of me
  12. I have a photo phobia
    For some weird reason I have a fear of showing my face online. Even when I stream I don't use my camera bc of my fear.
  13. And that ends this list. Hope you guys don't unfollow because of the picture thing.