Top 5 favorite video games

These are my favorite
  1. Fable 3
    Really great story and really fun gameplay. Gonna suck that no more new Lionhead games will be made. R.I.P. Lionhead studio
  2. Skyrim
    One of the best open world games ever made. You get to slay dragons and act like a beast in midevil times. This game will never get old
  3. Red dead Redemption
    From killing people in a shootout to going into a saloon. A great open world western game that is fun for you western fans
  4. Mafia 2
    A great story game in the location of Empire Bay. I love how you get to play as a mobster and it's awesome characters make it even more better. Can't wait for 3 and see how awesome that story will be.
  5. Dead rising 2
    This game is the reason why I bought my 360. Who wouldn't want to be in the mall making customizable weapons and killing tons of zombies. This game will always be awesome and it will always be great to me.