1. It smells like feet in here.
  2. Balmy.
  3. This is like stretching in the sauna without getting yelled at by naked old ladies. Amazing.
  4. My body is a super machine.
  5. This man in the front row is already dripping sweat. How does the body produce this much sweat?
  6. This is kind of hot.
  7. I am ready for ice cold beer.
  8. Should I go to this birthday party later?
  9. Shirt's coming off at the next pose change.
  10. Mind over matter. Mind over matter. Mind over matter.
  11. Wish I had brought more water.
  12. How much time is left? (20 mins)
  13. Should've started with a 60-minute instead of 90-minute class.
  14. I have never thought about the back of my lungs and its potential lack of development until today.
  15. Fine, I will expand the back of my lungs.
  16. This is like when you have a fever and people are still making you do shit.
  17. What if I actually end up with a fever and can't go to work tomorrow?
  18. This is worse than that time I hiked with a heat stroke.
  19. Should've kept count of poses so I know when this is nearing the end.
  20. Instructor is telling a story about a 97-year-old woman who practices every day. I think he is making it up.
  21. Or maybe not. If I end up doing hot yoga for real, it will NOT be for the cultish inducement.
  22. Remember to breathe.
  23. Is feeling feverish normal? Instructor only said first-timer should stop if they feel dizzy.
  24. I am not dizzy.
  25. I stopped sweating. Maybe because I stopped trying.
  26. Breathe.
  27. I can't do anything anymore.
  28. Don't make me.
  29. I suffer, therefore I am.