I'm the Queen of Knickknacks

🍍who doesn't love a good knickknack?
  1. Ham and Pineapple.
    Get it?
  2. George Washington
    What even is this?
  3. Pineapple #2
    Did you know, the pineapple was so exotic and so expensive that in the 18th C, elites would rent them as decorations for their lavish parties as a status symbol.
  4. Boozy Bottles
    Do these count as knickknacks?
  5. Pineapple #3
  6. Deltfware
    I wasn't leaving Amsterdam without it.
  7. Burke & Hare Candy
    Because who doesn't want candy inspired by famous grave robbers?
  8. A two-fer: Lincoln Pencil Sharpener and a Tardis
    Are they related? I'll let you decide.