Yeah, we've all been there...
  1. Do I have to pee?
    No. The answer is always no. I just went before I started.
  2. Is this playlist the best playlist for optimum running?
    Almost always no. What can I say, I'm never satisfied.
  3. Omg, I don't watch Chip and Joanna but damn, relationship goals.
  4. Did that girl seriously just get on the treadmill next to me?
    Inevitably, there are 5 more open far, far away from me.
  5. Has it been a mile yet?
  6. Why is this so much harder than yesterday?
    It would help if I took my warm-up incline off. 😬
  7. That cupcake looks amazing.
  8. Has it been 1.25 miles yet?
  9. Yessss. Lasts quarter mile. You. Can. Do. IT.
  10. 😵