In Amsterdam there is an amazing indoor food market. We've come again for our second time, here is what I've eaten so far
  1. The Butcher: I had The Benedict. Angus beef burger with bacon, fried egg, and hollandaise sauce. Yeah, it was as good as you're thinking it was
  2. The Rough Kitchen: Pulled pork sandwich serve by the most attractive man I have ever seen in person. Also quite possibly the most delicious pulled pork sandwich I've ever eaten.
  3. Caulils Kaas: Tostitos. A fancy grilled cheese with leak, red onion, and lots of cheese on sourdough bread. Man is it stinky, but the most robust grilled cheese I've ever eaten.
  4. Heineken: because you can't stay in The Netherlands and not drink Heineken like its water.
  5. Ü: Frozen yogurt. Gott end on a sweet note! Vanilla and cookies n' cream frozen yogurt with rainbow sprinkles, strawberries, and Nutella. Way to end it right!