Stereotypical Things That Happened to Me in College

  1. Went to frat parties
    The punch was always gross but not as gross as the frat guys.
  2. Threw up on sixth street
    And then blacked out.
  3. Took a road trip
    To Chicago! That drive was 16 hours
  4. Lost my virginity
    In a dorm room
  5. Changed my major
    From advertising to journalism
  6. Broke up with a boyfriend
    That wasn't fun
  7. Fell in love
    Still going strong
  8. Lived with a best friend
    For better or for worse
  9. Lived in a dorm
    That was actually a lot of fun. Besides the communal bathrooms
  10. Ate an edible
    One of the worst days of my life. I've never smoked weed because of this experience
  11. Got an internship
    At the Austin Chronicle
  12. Cleaned up puke
    My puke, friends' puke, dog puke, friends' dog's puke
  13. Went to a UT football game
    It was cool I guess
  14. Pulled an almost all-nighter doing homework
    Slept for two or three hours