Do you think you might be wrong? Do other people think you're wrong? Maybe you're wrong! Let's count the ways.
  1. Dad, you're embarrassing us.
    What responses do your opinions invoke? Go ahead and try out something; have your friends/family turned snappy and defensive, or are they simply pretending they don't know you? If you're checking whether you forgot your pants, you might be wrong.
  2. Someone says, "How do YOU want to be remembered?"
    You're better off pretending you were joking at this point, because you're wrong.
  3. You have more top-siders than sources you trust.
    As measured by the pair, not each individual shoe.
  4. Alcohol is your ally.
    Your opinions make more sense after a few drinks because you're wrong.
  5. Everything is offensive to you.
    Do you find that everyone you talk to is attacking you for your views? Well they're not, you're just wrong.
  6. You're offending everybody.
  7. The people you support frequently benefit from having their way.
    Are your closely held views helping someone rake in ungodly sums of cash? Maybe you're wrong.
  8. No one who agrees with you can explain why he or she is not wrong.
  9. You argue against people's facts rather than their logic.
    Where are you getting that information? Is it more of those "scientists???"
  10. Everything you say fits into a broader scheme of overall decline.
    That's how things are these days.