Saw this in the suggested lists and I thought this could turn out really interesting. So I went to my photos, closed my eyes, scrolled really fast and tapped on the screen in random places. These are the 5 photos I tapped on.
  1. Photo 1:
    This is my boyfriend. I remember telling him "Pose like a basic bitch looking out at the beach while I take an artsy photo of you".
  2. Photo 2:
    A screenshot of the time my brother sent me a picture of our dogs butt hanging out of the blankets to help me feel better. It's the only way he knows how to cheer me up❤️
  3. Photo 3:
    HAHAHAH YES. The entire time I was doing this I kept thinking "I hope I get a picture of Lawrence" and here it is! This is my ridiculous friend Lawrence. He's currently in Korea for 6 months because his parents want him to reevaluate his life.
  4. Photo 4:
    This was from a frat formal. My friend is in the background making out with some girl, so his best friend and I thought it would be funny to snap a sneaky pic and show him later
  5. Photo 5:
    My dad was trying to create a separate secret closet in our closet and had cut himself a small hole to get in and out of. Unfortunately, the hole was big enough for him to climb in to, but somehow wasn't big enough for him to climb out of. So he got stuck, called for my help, and instead of helping him, I took this picture.