But probably never will
  1. The girl who ruined my life in high school
    Bitch still haunts me..
  2. My friend Lawrence
    When he says insanely horrible things
  3. My boyfriend
    Not like actually punch in the face, but maybe a tap cause he's fucking oblivious
  4. My old high school principal
    The first time I ever met this woman was my senior year in high school and she basically told me I wasn't going to get into my dream school & that I was a failure without even knowing me. I ended up getting in, she never apologized.
  5. The dude who almost hit me with his car today
    He then proceeded to yell at me as if running in the cross walk when the walk sign is on was unheard of
  6. The boy I thought I was in love with
    He tricked me into thinking the feeling was mutual for sex