I should have known...
  1. "I don't really get along well with girls"
  2. Lived with someone just to get into a certain sorority
  3. Didn't hold any friendships in high school/college
  4. Leaves passive aggressive post-it notes on everything
  5. Says "HAAAAAY GIRRL" or "babes" too much
  6. Talks shit about her roommate all the time but then turns around and posts instagrams with her with the caption "BESTIESSSS"
  7. Asks for likes on her insta pics and deletes the ones that have under 50 likes.
  8. Outwardly judges others for what they eat.
    "Um, didn't you just eat dinner?" WTF ARE YOU THE FOOD POLICE? LET A GIRL LIVE
  9. Thinks "scrubbing it" is having to wear her glasses, Brandy Melville sweatshirt, and Lululemon printed leggings.
    And LOADS of foundation and concealer
  10. Claimed she HATES country music but went to Stagecoach.