1. Peeing after holding it for a long time
  2. When you take off your ski/snowboard shoes and put on comfy shoes and your feet feel like clouds
  3. Pooping when you REALLY HAD TO GO
  4. Putting on sweats that just came out of the dryer
  5. Seeing a show you've been wanting to see and it meets all of your expectations
  6. Really hearty belly laughs
    Like when you get a good ass laugh
  7. When you've been in the cold for a long time and you take a hot shower
  8. Recognition for something you worked really hard on
  9. Orgasms
    ..or so I've heard
  10. Taking off heels after a long night
  11. Adrenaline
  12. Success over your enemies
    Kill 'em with success AM I RIGHT?
  13. When you know you look good
  14. Finally getting to eat the one thing you've been craving
  15. Letting go