1. "Thank you"
    When someone serves you coffee at a restaurant, when someone opens the door for you, when someone helps you get that job you wanted stop and say thank you.
  2. "Please"
    My generation especially tends to feel entitled to everything. We forget to say the word please when we ask for things. It may be a subconscious thing that we don't realize we are doing. When we don't say please, sometimes it almost gives off that vibe that we deserve what we are asking for.
  3. "Let's talk this out"
    People fight, people disagree and when it happens most turn to passive aggressive messages or comments to show they are upset. Imagine a fight where one person voices their opinion and the other says "Let's talk this out".
  4. "I'm sorry"
    Pride gets in the way 99% of the time and prevents us from admitting our mistakes. Say you're sorry when you're wrong, but mean it.
  5. "I forgive you"
    Yes, you're probably still mad when someone apologizes. That's understandable. But most of the time when someone apologizes we automatically assume that they are forgiven with a simple "We good?".
  6. "I love you"
    Spread the love man ✌🏻️
  7. "Hi, what's you're name?"
    No one ever talks to each other now a days. Rarely do you meet a stranger that says this and even when it does happen, most people look at them like they might be a serial killer.
  8. "You look really nice"
    It's nice to hear someone compliment you on the way you look once in a while. Make someone's day, compliment them out loud and not just in your head.
  9. "What a beautiful day!"
    It's easier to complain when it's a bad/shitty day.
  10. "You're beautiful/handsome"
    Everyone uses the description 'hot', 'sexy' or 'cute' when describing someone. But rarely do you hear someone talk about their crush/girlfriend/boyfriend and say "Yeah, she/he is beautiful/handsome".