I'm visiting my best friend in Sacramento and I'm spending the day with her dance team, Press Play. James is a guy on the team that I've recently befriended. He's half white, openly gay, and has a sassy personality!
  1. "Oh girl don't fucking lie to me, you live in LA, you're a coke whore"
  2. "You can take your fucking boba straw and SUCK MY ASS"
  3. When talking to me about a cute boy: "Ooh girl you should get it, I know you have a boyfriend but like you're in Sac, show some titty!!"
  4. "Omg I just wanna put that piece of ass in my pocket"
  5. "Whatever, fuck everyone-jk happy competition day!"
  6. "Oh yeah, he a HELLA thot though, he knows all the gays"
  7. "And when I mean knows, I mean he KNOWS all the gays. AYEEEE"
  8. "On my Tumblr, my description is 'I love ass'"