I'm a 5'1" Asian girl that is a little chubby for her height. Here are some facts about me that most people wouldn't guess are true just by looking at me!
  1. I'm a hardcore adrenaline junkie
    That could possibly kill me? Sign me up! Skydiving, base jumping, motorcycles, bungee jumping, paragliding you name it, I'll do it.
  2. I'm not Filipino
    I'm Japanese and Mexican
  3. I exercise almost every single day
    Unfortunately, by looking at me, most people wouldn't guess that. From lifting weights with my brother to running up to 5 miles 4 times a week, I have to do it. If I don't, I'll be in the worst mood of my life.
  4. I'm not 16 years old
    Because I'm Asian, short; and
  5. I'm technically diabetic without being diabetic
    Due to a hormonal condition, my body is insulin resistant. So I can't process sugar and many carbs very well. That mostly also ties to why I don't lose weight very easily.
  6. I was almost scouted to be in the Junior Olympics for skeet shooting
    I had a boyfriend at the time who's grandpa would take us shooting. He was very involved in the club there and tried to get me to get a trainer for the Junior Olympics because I learned so quickly.
  7. I believe that whatever my brother does, I can do just as well.
    He played soccer, I played soccer. He played football, I wanted to try out as kicker. He learned how to skateboard, I bought a Girl board and learned the shit out of it. I think I mostly did the things like attempt to try out for the football team and learn how to skate mostly to piss off my mother.
  8. My mother has questioned my sexuality many times
    I'm not really sure why she does this. Maybe it's because I purposely dress a certain way and act a certain way just because I know it makes her mad that I'm not the girly girl I was in middle school. But I've had "the talk" with her more than once.