So sad WWHL is on a break...totally need a clubhouse breakdown of this episode!
  1. Luanne coordinating her statement necklace with Dorinda's mantle statues.
  2. Bethenny's nuclear take down of the countess.
  3. When Jules was on the phone waiting to hear about her dying father's condition and Luanne only wanted to talk about how devastating it was to be called a slut by Bethenny.
    Empathy is not the countess' strong suit
  4. When Ramona became Luanne's texting Cyrano de Apologizer
    The apologies are coming from inside the house!
  5. Dorinda going full on Jersey Housewives on Luanne's ass in the kitchen.
    "You can talk about me, you can talk about my house, you can talk about my decoration, but you do NOT mess with Diane Cincala's birthday cake!"
  6. Jersey meltdown part 2
    "I cooked all day, I decorated, I did it nice, I'm ashamed! If no one can contain themselves I give you permission, all go home! 'Cause I decorated I made it nice! Nice! So go home everybody, all go home!"
  7. Dorinda relaxes by watching Law & Order
    Is she classic L&O? SVU? CI? All 3?
  8. Jules and Carole hiding in the closet to eavesdrop on Ramona and Luanne.
    The closet was wallpapered!
  9. The number of times they said the word pedophile.
    Lost count at 20
  10. Ramona's dog shitting in the house.
    I've noticed rich people seem to not know how to house real dogs
  11. Gumby dammit!
  12. Poor Sonja, left out of the Berkshires fun, gets laser rejuvenation to fix her "trout snatch"
    Poor Sonja, Kim Catrall already did this shtick.