Books I Can't Finish

For some reason I can not finish these books.And I've finished plenty of books while not finishing these.
  1. The Turner House by Angela Fourtnoy
    I've had this book in my E-book queue so many times I am beginning to feel guilty about the 21 days someone else is waiting.
  2. Secret Chord by Geraldine Brooks
    Baffles me. More because I actually paid for this one. Love the authors other books so much I could marry them.
  3. Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee
    Not sure why I even attempted it- sacrilege in novel form
  4. Answered Prayers by Truman Capote
    Read partway and re-read partway. Finished Breakfast at Tiffanys, and The Swans of Fifth Avenue (based on this book) while NOT reading Answered Prayers.
  5. Bright Lines by Tani Nandini Islam
    I really enjoyed this, but 2 other books I wanted to read more came available.
  6. The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay by Michael Chabon
    Have been trying to read this so long I have the hardcover next to my bed. Used to pick it up once a year to try and get into it. I think I am the only person who can't get into this book.