Live li.sting Flying Tiger

Finally checking out what looks like IKEA for tchotchkes!
  1. Here I go...
    Torn between my love of small useless things and my allergy to clutter...and useless things.
  2. Flamingo egg cup!
    I love soft boiled eggs, now I don't have to eat them from a shot glass!
  3. Useless future clutter incarnate...
    Perfect for happy hour!
  4. I don't even have plants
    But in case I visit someone with plants, I need these!
  5. Flying Tiger seems to be doing a brisk business in ashtrays.
    Or were they all purchased by people planning to see if their kids know what the heck it is?
  6. Finger erasers!
    Perfect prize for the kid who guesses ashtray!
  7. Come on!
    Who could NOT buy this? (Too bad the finger eraser doesn't fit inside)
  8. For teeny tiny presents
    It's my ants birthday soon...get it? Get it?
  9. I call this genius!
    I wonder if hot cocoa will warm the cookie...
  10. I'm going to call it Abby Normal
    And maybe give it to the brain needy...I know a few
  11. The most useful thing I bought...
    My periodic table obsessed kid will love this notebook ($4 I got one for his friend too)