No, not musical faces with Arya, or musical armies with cute (but fierce) Lyanna Mormont...
  1. It began with "those are your last words? 'Fuck you'? Come on, you can do better"
    Topped by the closing, "you're shit at dying, you know that?"
  2. Sandor Clegane is FUNNY!
    Was he this funny before?
  3. His sarcastic humor extended to Beric Dardarion's men...
  4. "Drop that arrow you bloody girl. Tougher girls than you have tried to kill me"
    Shout out to Brienne of Tarth
  5. And a negotiation with Dardarion's Brotherhood over who has rights to kill 3 prisoners.
    SG- "they murdered a friend of mine" BD "you have friends?" SG- "not anymore"
  6. And the delightful repartee ended over a campfire meal with Clegane declaring over picked clean bones, "I prefer chicken"
  7. Make room Tyrion Lannister, there's a new master of snark in Westeros...he'll be here all season (I hope!)