I live in NYC, and send my kids to public school. This is a concept impossible for some people who do not have children in NYC public schools to understand. Here is a list of questions/statements I've heard.
  1. Wow! Really? 😳
    If I was going to make shit up, this would not be it.
  2. Is it safe? 💀
    I understand this from people who think Escape From New York was a documentary, but from parents who live down the hall from me?
  3. Is there toilet paper in the bathroom?
    Judging by my kids underwear, yes there is toilet paper. 💩
  4. Can they go to the bathroom themselves?
    As long as they raise their hand and ask politely. 👍
  5. What are their friends like? 👬👫👭
    Is this code? Hell yes, you know it's code.
  6. How many kids get free lunch? Do any of their friends get free lunch? 🍔
    This is not code. I don't care about anyone's finances besides my own. Poor is not contagious.
  7. Wow, your kids seem so normal.
    😮😵🤐 wtf? No really, wtf?
  8. That's wonderful for you, I wish I was so brave.
    It's school...not BASE jumping
  9. Did they ever get lice? 🐜
    I guess lice can't afford private school?
  10. I heard there are like 40 kids in Kindergarten
    Don't believe like everything you hear...it was 47 until they lost one.
  11. My friend said she had to buy paper towels for the classroom!
    When you can't charge $40,000 per student, something may have to give...Thanks to Costco I can spare a roll or 2. 🤑
  12. We chose to sacrifice to make sure our kids have a good education. 😇
    You got me. I just don't care about my children.
  13. What happens after elementary school? 🤔🎓
    Middle school, high school, college, a job...oh, and therapy. Because their parents sent them to public school.
  14. Do they play sports?
    Our kids are on the same baseball team. ⚾️