Jairam Hathawar spelled "chremslach" (a matzoh meal pancake fried in syrup) to win Scripps Spelling Bee
  1. He didn't actually come in first, he had to share with this other kid who didn't spell anything Yiddish.
    He is totally telling his co-winner whose trophy case that cup is going into.
  2. Shpilkes- nervous energy, literally needles. (Shpil/kes)
    "Mrs. Hathawar had shpilkes in her stomach watching her son spell chremslach."
  3. Ungapatchke- gaudy, overdone. (Oonga/pahtch/keh)
    "The Scripps cup is very elegant compared to the ungapatchke trophies given at chess tournaments" (and there are so many, veyesmiere!)
  4. Rachmones- compassion. (Rakh/mun/is)
    "Jairam would have continued spelling all night, but was forced to let Nihar Janga get a rachmones co-winner award"
  5. Macher- important person. (Mah/kher)
    "Mr Hathawar is going to be quite the macher when he gets back to Corning, NY with the Spelling Bee champion"
  6. Ballabusta- wife of a macher, bossy woman. (Bahl/ah/boost/eh)
    "Hair and mom is quite a ballabusta, you don't get a spelling champion by eating Bon-bons"
  7. Mishegoss- crazy or bizzare actions/behavior. (Mih/sheh/goss)
    "This is the second time one of the Hathawar children had to share first place, what kind of mishegoss goes on at these spelling bees?"
  8. Maven- expert. (May/ven)
    "Even though he'd prefer to win it all, Jairam recognizes Nihar is quite a spelling maven"
  9. Shmegeggee- loser, person lacking talent. (Shmeh/gegg/ee)
    "The national Science fair is for shmegeggees, they don't even get Live TV coverage!"
  10. Narishkeit- foolishnes. (Nah/rish/kite)
    "What is with all the narishkeit of science fairs? Spelling is where the smartest minds are...and ESPN2 cameras"