1. It took us half an hour to get to the 'valley.'
  2. Garbage men didn't come to our street so we had to dump our trash in my elementary school dumpster.
  3. I was usually sandwiched between heaps of that garbage in the backseat of my dad's car.
  4. My elementary school eventually put a lock on the dumpster.
  5. My brother and I got real innovative with hobbies.
    We used to speed down our long twist of a driveway in a little red, plastic car and always crashed into poison oak shrubs. We also spent a few weekends digging a 'reservoir' in some patch of dirt, then filled it up with water once.
  6. My friends always got car sick driving up the windy road to our house. There's a spot we dubbed 'the barf bend.'
  7. Not a lot of friends came over to play.
  8. When our cats ran outside, we were concerned they might get eaten by mountain lions.
  9. I once encountered two rattle snakes in our garage.
  10. A neighbor also encountered some angry rattle snakes and tried to shoot them but ended up blowing out the water heater.